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Awaken Institute

What is Awaken Institute?

Awaken Institute is a cure for isolation, uncertainty, and stagnation. Think of it as your private self-development club that brings together top quality coaching, community and content to help you heighten success in all areas of your life.

Awaken your mind, body and soul with diverse coaching offerings. Instead of one-voice, guru-style teaching, you'll have access to a curation of broad perspectives and experiences for adventurous women.

Test out multiple methods, modalities and frameworks. Focus on the whole woman and unleash the potential to elevate multiple parts of your life — relationships, career, spiritual practice and more.

Meet our Circle

Tap into the collective wisdom of some truly visionary women who are TED speakers, Master Coaches, Authors, Mothers, Activists and CEO’s. Every week, we feature incredible thought leaders who guide inspiring live-learning sessions.

Dive into live, interactive, group coaching experiences. You are not watching a presentation, sitting silently in the background. We see your face. We hear your voice. It matters that you are there — because you are part of the experience. 

We are a passionate sisterhood of like-minded women who are ready to dive deep, do the soul work, and step into the life we envision.

Who this is for

Awaken Institute is for women who want more than a flash-connection experience. You commit to your growth, we commit to igniting it with year-round community support and weekly growth resources to tap into anytime, 24/7.

Lean into a sisterhood that is always there for you, no matter where you are.
Let's put an end to women working on their struggles in isolation. Why do it alone when we can do it together? Join us!

What you get each month

  • Access to top coaches, thought-leaders & spiritual guides
    1/10th the price of private 1:1 coaching
  • 8 live virtual workshops & VIP group coaching sessions per month
    We make it easy for you to show up
  • A private network to connect & do the soul-work with other women
    A safe space online - no trolls, no politics, just growth
  • Resource vault of exclusive courses, webinars & expert workshops
    Ambitious ladies, we've curated the best content for you

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